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Les modèles
Tany c'est quoi?

C'est quoi ?

There are six different designs. Each pack of designs is composed of 1 to 3 pieces. Several combinations can be made just with one pack and hundreds of them can be created if mixing them.

The designs

Tany is a silicone patch self-adhesive and repositionable which is applied on the skin during sunbathing / sun exposure creating when removed an aesthetic tan mark similar to an ephemeral tattoo. It will last until the tan fades naturally.

What is it?

As it is repositionable and untearable, it can be replaced in the same place several times profiting from gradual tanning to create a more contrasting mark. It does not prevent the use of sunscreen.

With just one Tany pack several designs can be made. Here are some of them:

Ancre 2

The summer accessory !

Tany has been given the bronze medal at Lépine 2018 contest at the gold medal from the Overseas Ministry !

Hibiscus flower












Ancre 1

How does it work?

Tany can be used on holidays, at the beach, by the pool, on a boat, at the mountains, etc. Preferably on sunny days, since its goal is to leave a graphic mark of natural tanning.

You just have to choose a place in your skin: your ankle, your shoulder, your arm, your belly… and apply your Tany. Do not forget to protect yourself with sunscreen, it does not prevent the than, on the contrary, it extends it.


Let tan naturally take effect and retire your Tany whenever you want after sunbathing to reveal your design.


Put your Tany back on its card so you can reuse it during the holidays. For a sharper and more contrasted pattern, place your Tany always in the same place.


Are you professional and want to order ?

Batches of 40 or 100 Tany are available with a POL display, contact us :

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